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What Does It Mean To Be A Community Owned Cooperative?
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The Minnesota Valley Burial Association was organized in May of 1929 by a group of citizens from New Ulm and the surrounding area for the explicit purpose of providing complete services upon the cooperative plan. It was organized on a membership basis, the fee per membership being five dollars. A membership represents the person whose name appears on the certificate, his or her spouse, all dependant children, and all other relatives depending wholly or partially on the certificate holder for support. The person who assumes financial responsibility for funeral services conducted for a member or a person, who is covered by a membership in the above paragraph, is entitled to patronage dividends that may be paid back for the year in which the services were conducted. Twenty percent of the declared dividend is paid back in June the year following that year in which the services were conducted; the remaining eighty percent of the dividend is used as working capital, and paid back at a future date decided by the Board of Directors. The government of the Association and the management of its affairs are vested in a board of seven directors. The directors are elected by the members at the Association’s annual meeting. The term for each director is three years. They can run for three terms and their terms run consecutively. The directors elect among themselves a three person executive board consisting of President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. The entire Board of Directors has the authority to hire a Manager-Mortician for the day to day management of the Association’s affairs, conduct of funerals, and all related duties that may pertain to a manager. The term Burial Association, under which we are incorporated, should by no means be misconstrued with that of a Memorial Society. The fact that we provide services upon the cooperative plan does not imply in any respect that we take issue with the “Traditional Funeral Service.” Our first and foremost objective and concern is the satisfaction of our clientele. We strive to provide the finest in services available at the lowest possible cost. We believe that a deceased loved one should be treated with dignity and respect, that the funeral service possesses certain inherent values that can be beneficial to those who survive, and that every person, regardless of their status in life is entitled to a decent burial. To become a member, simply print and fill out the membership form. You may either drop it off at the funeral home or mail it to us. Once we receive your application, we will send you a certificate of membership and an emergency contact card. If you have any questions regarding our cooperation or becoming a member, please do not hesitate to call.